ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion


I'll be in New York City March 24 - 28. Although I've done day trips to NYC, they were pretty much always on someone else's itinerary, and I just went along for the ride, so I'm actually rather lacking in city savvy. I know I'm staying at the Paramount near Times Square, and that there's lots of stuff happening around there. But what should someone who's effectively never been to NYC do with 5 days in the big city?

I'm less into landmarks and more into neighborhoods and wandering, though a friend down there promises to take me to Rockefeller Center for a good view. What should I be sure not to miss? I hear they have some good restaurants down there? I don't think I have many readers there, but if there's someone you think I should make time for, you can let me know that, too.
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