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I have big plans for a review of the four restaurants I visited for Restaurant Week (Sandrine's, Harvest, Mantra and Aquitaine), but the all fall by the wayside after tonight's dinner at the Craigie Street Bistrot, where moominmolly and dilletante, along with little N, were kind enough to join me for dinner. On Sunday nights after 9, the bistrot serves the "chef's whim", a tasting menu based on whatever's good that day, and may I say, simply, mmmm!

We had the four course menu, which started with a stew of mussels, razor clams, squid and cardoons in sourdough a cabbage yumminess. The sourdough and cabbage yumminess was a silky, creamy texture, and blended delightfully with the seafood. The second course was a carrot and black truffle soup, with crispy fried cured pork jowls (mm, pork jowls) for those of us who eat pork, and no jowls for those who don't. This reminded me that I really ought to do more interesting things with carrots than simply dip them in hummus. Then, we had a halibut that made me dance in my seat (which, to be fair, isn't hard. I love food.) It was braised in aged soy sauce and butter and served over jerusalem artichokes, tiny mushrooms and a rich beet sauce. It was teh yum. I don't tend to think of halibut as a flavorful fish, but it turns out I'm wrong. Hooray for being wrong! Each of us received a different dessert, all delicious, but paling somewhat in the face of the delightful dinner courses.

I'm totally going back there, and anytime any of you all want to go and are in need of company, feel free to tag me for it!
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