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I've had a few hurldes with regards to singing the last few weeks. My instructor was traveling, and then I was, and so between all that, we missed two or three weeks, which is long enough that my practice sort of slacked a bit and when I came back, I was a bit rusty. It was a big surprise to find that not practicing actually made a difference, even to my unskilled voice! Lesson learned.

Unfortunately, I learned another lesson, too, which is that I shouldn't try to record myself to listen to how I sound outside my head. That was very discouraging, and I'm sure that splash of cold water ("THAT's what I sound like? Dude, I suck!") didn't help me motivate to practice.

Fortunately, I didn't let that stop me from going back to my next lesson, and I think that got me back on track.

Unfortunately, I don't have time in the next three weeks for a lesson, which turns out to be okay, because my instructor is moving away! This is actual serious bad news for my singing, because the inertia involved in trying to find a new voice instructor is tough to overcome. Jeannine promised to email me the contact info of a couple of people who would probably be good fits for me. The trick is to find someone who is good and knows her stuff, but who isn't super serious and won't look at me cross eyed for the fact that I want to sing for myself, not necessarily for an audience or some future performance or career.

Feel free, though, to ask me how my singing is going in the next couple of months. If nothing else, that'll prod me into looking for a new instructor if I haven't, yet.

In actual singing, it turns out I like jazz and blues, at least to sing; I'm still not sold on jazz for listening, but, then, I don't have to be :)
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