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The French Laundry (pre)

I've been trying to come up with a way to write about my excitement about one of the main points of this trip to California without gloating. I haven't, though, so apologies in advance.

I'm out here half for work, and half for fun, and part of the fun, about which I'm dying of anticipation, is a little jaunt to the French Laundry. I'm only kind of a foodie, so I actually didn't know much about it before last fall, when we started talking about going there, but I'm enough of a foodie that, having been introduced to the concept, I was quickly won over to the idea that I must go there. (This is really the way to get exposed to awesome things, by the way: Learn about them with just enough time to get really excited before getting to try it.)

We've been counting down the weeks, naturally, since making the reservation, and now we're down to counting down the days, which is, needless to say, quite thrilling. And, of course, in anticipation, we're eating other tasty food. As trom comments, we're in training.

One person commented to me a while back about not yet being ready for a dinner at the FL, which struck me as odd. I figure, gosh, if it's good, I'll have to go back! And, well, it does sound like it might be good, by all accounts. The only thing, though, is that I have some concerns about embarrassing myself. After all, I'm promised that they offer a choice of salts. What if I ask for sea salt when what I really should have is fleur de sel?? However, I feel I can trust in the, "What do you recommend?" approach to choices at this particular dinner. fennel reassured me by noting that I can name multiple kinds of salt, so I'm probably going to do fine.

So... Sunday! I can't wait! You all can rest assured that you'll hear all about it.
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