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Changing plans

Well, I was supposed to go to Maine and make soap and lipbalm with razil and eat lobster and tonkatsu made by Scott. *pout* Instead, I will treat myself to miso soup and other yummies while trying to get over this cold. Darnit. The germs obviously didn't get my memo that I'm done being sick this season.

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    I've been seeing those Hubway bikes and stations around and been kind of curious about them, but hadn't quite gotten over the startup energy hump to…

  • mushroom bubble bike

    How much do I need one of these that allows me to disperse mushroom spores rather than flower seeds?

  • bike bike?

    After my unfortunate dooring last summer, my beloved 3 speed cruiser was, according to the nice folks at Ace, totaled. The awesome qwrrty

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