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Gorgeous, gorgeous day. I got to wear one of my new sundresses! (I found this awesome little shop in San Juan when I was in PR in January, and they had these great sundresses, which will be my wardrobe this summer.) And walk out in the sun! It was so happymaking!

I started the day craving brownies, but I had only one egg, which is not enough for making brownies. I went out for lunch, during which time I could have bought eggs, but while I was out, I decided I didn't need brownies, after all. Needless to say, immediately upon returning home, I wanted brownies again. Pesky cravings.

Thankfully, through the power of the web, news of my craving was transmitted to fraterrisus, who offered to pick up eggs. And while he was at McKinnon's, he got meat, too, and then came home and inaugerated the grill for the summer. Hooray! AND there are brownies! How awesome is that?

The brownies are from the Joy of Cooking, and they're just to my taste: not too chocolatey (I'm not actually a huge chocolate person), and I chopped up crystalized ginger and andes mints to put in. So they're just slightly minty and gingery, too. Yum!

I do believe I'm actually looking forward to summer.

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