ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Ugh. I'm in a terrible mood. Many of you already know, because I've been complaining about it nonstop since my boss called me yesterday evening to tell me, that I am going to DC unexpectedly on Tuesday. Though the idea of being so very important that my presence is required at a meeting hundreds of miles away appeals to me, this happens to be one of the very few days in the year when my evening plans are not friendly not rearrangement, as I've been planning for months to go to the NARAL chocolate madness, and even sponsored it, and have been generally very excited about the whole thing.

So, now, I'll be getting up early, and flying to DC, and presenting, and taking notes, and what have you. All of these are fine things. And I will, damnit, be back in time for the chocolate thing, because, you know, my life wins over my job. I'm 95% sure my boss will agree. But the whole thing has me all discombobulated and out of sorts.

And I have an intermittent pain in my head that's making me want to scream.

NEFFA was great, though. I'll write about it when I'm in a better mood and can do it justice.

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