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YAM (yet another meme): "M"

In this little meme, if you comment, I will give you a letter. Then, you choose ten words that begin with that letter and talk about what they mean to you. You can post your response here as a comment or in your journal, whichever you prefer.

bbbsg gave me "M":

"mom": My mom rocks.

"music": I took years of piano lessons as a kid, and despite my mom basically getting down on her knees and pleading with me to keep it up, I stopped after my Wyoming-style bat mitzvah when I was 13. Nevertheless, that was enough to give me a good grounding in the concept of music (though I never took music theory, and I think I could benefit from that) and a certain degree of internalization of it. It was through music that I realized that if I ever had that ridiculous and impossible choice between blindness and deafness, I would take blindness without having to give it much thought. My music background has also helped me to do other musical things over the years, and feel that they're within my grasp, from drumming to singing to dancing.

"materialism": This one could have its own post entirely. I like stuff, but I like to avoid it, too, so I have a constant struggle with my materialism, my attachment to the things I own or want to own, and how to balance owning less with having what I want with my fantasy of being able to pack up my life at a moment's notice to run off to the mountains of Peru.

"mountains": I grew up in a valley with mountains on all sides, and spending a lot of time in the mountains with my family, camping and climbing. Mountains are one of the two geographical features that I miss most here on the east coast (long views being the other). No, the mountains out here really don't count. Yes, I know they're older. No, you shouldn't take this personally, though, for some reason, lots of people seem to. Honest, you don't have to defend the older, sager mountains of New England to me. I know they're short and round because they've been around longer than my young upstarts. Nevertheless, if you can drive to the top of it, or if trees grow all the way to the top, it just doesn't call out "mountain" to me. Sorry.

"monkey": When I was about 8, my family went to a monkey park, where I passed a peanut to a monkey, which it took using its prehensile tail. This was the first time I realized that we'd made a big mistake in getting rid of those things, and I've wanted a prehensile tail ever since. (Okay, this item is really more about the tail than about the monkey, but the letter is "m", so work with me, here.)

"mistakes": I make them, and I try to make the best of them. I like to try to think about my mistakes in a light that allows me to learn from them and not regret them, and this mostly works. Nevertheless, I think there are probably a couple that I could have done without and still gotten to where I am. That would have been okay. On the other hand, we all make that kind of mistake from time to time, and that's okay, too.

"memory": I have an ongoing thought exercise with myself: Is it the experience or the memory of the experience that's most important? I have a pretty good memory, and I like to be able to draw forth strange little tidbits from an earlier conversation into a later one, or to surprise someone by remembering having met them years earlier in a different context. My memory is not, sadly, photographic, so it also fails me, but I still have fun with it.

"money": I have more of this than I need, but I don't manage it well, so it's a constant source of low-level stress and confusion. I manage the stress and confusion through denial, which means I don't learn how to manage it better, and end up simply feeling that I'm doing something wrong, but as long as I can pay my bills and put some money into savings, I can't compain too much, right?

"morning": I like mornings, and when I manage to get up very very early, I love the feeling of dawn-time. On the other hand, I love midmorning more, and I find it a more natural time to get up, despite feeling vaguely guilty that I'm not an early-to-rise type. Oddly, I'm neither a night owl nor an early bird, being something of a moderate on both ends of the day.

"meeting": I love getting to know new people, but I find meeting people tiring and stressful. This is where having a good community with the opportunity to network with people who are likely to be my sort of people is awfully handy. Y'all rock. Seriously.

And finally, an extra bonus word, which will, I hope, be self-explanatory:

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