ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

get togethers

Anyone want to:

a) get ice cream later this afternoon? Maybe around 5:00? I'd lean toward Davis, but I could be convinced to venture farther afield for good ice cream.
b) go dancing some night this week? I'll be going to the Thursday contra if nothing else strikes my fancy, but I'm, again, open to suggestion.
c) come to a 5th of may (aka, cinco de mayo) party at my house this friday? I'm trying to decide if I'm actually going to throw one :)

UPDATE on item a: wolfkitn and I will be meeting at Diesel at 5:30 for a bite to eat before ice cream, and from there to JP Licks for the ice cream itself. Please feel free to join us, announced or otherwise :)

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