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I've been enjoying brunch at Sound Bites in Ball Square occasionally for about 7 years, ever since my drumming instructor told me about them as a hidden gem. Since then, of course, their popularity has grown, and they're always quite busy, especially on weekends. I haven't been for a while, since I'm not usually going out for breakfast these days, so today was my first time there in several months.

Now, of course, everyone who knows Sound Bites also knows and puts up with their trying to rush you out the door. The breakfast is great, and so they drop off the check practically with the food, and whisk your plate out from under you the minute you put your utensils down. Okay, I'm used to that.

Today, however, they reached a new and disappointing low, and lost me as a customer in the process. While wolfkitn and I were dining, the host stopped his running around and said, "Less talking, more eating!" When I looked at him with what must have been a rather dumbfounded look, he went on to say that they had a long line, and that here, people eat more than they talk, and there's no time for talking, and people are waiting, blah blah. At that point, I'm pretty sure I looked as shocked and offended as I felt, and he said, "Don't get mad. I'm serious, that's just how it is."

Now, honestly, I've always liked Sound Bites, even with the varied quality of service, and even though I've felt rushed in the past, it hasn't been so bad that I wouldn't go back, especially because it's such a great neighborhoody feeling place. But I hate to feel rushed, in pretty much any situation. This is why I go to the airport earlier than I have to, and why I don't like games that have a time limit. Even more, I hate to feel rushed when I'm eating, which I think is a pleasure that should be savored, not to mention that the rushing of food is just generally unhealthy and bad.

I told the host on my way out that I wouldn't be back. It seems unlikely that he cares, given that there's always a line and I haven't been a regular in a while, but I figured he ought to know that he lost one today, anyway.

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