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goooooood days

Wow, what a great couple of days. Finished off the excitement of Restaurant Week with lunch at Cafe Fleuri, with Dan. Expect a full report on all the restaurants next week. It was great to see Dan. I was realizing that this is the most time I've spent with him since I left home, and even before that, it's not like we were spending much time together before then, either. So it's been a while, and this is the first time we've hung out as adults. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing so far away from my family. We picked up several loads of boxes, too, so I'm feeling like I might at least have the potential of getting all my stuff packed up and ready to go for the move on Wednesday. That takes care of some of my stress on that front, which is a relief, as I've definitely been nibbling at that in the back of my brain. I may even have more boxes than I need, which would be great. I think worry about the move is the reason my sex drive is at zero these days, even with myself. I hope the libido picks up once I'm settled in the new place.
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