ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Hello, dreams

I had a dream last night that I was flying up to Canada for the day (Nova Scotia, maybe?) to visit my brother, who, apparently, was there for a while. I packed a ridiculous amount of stuff, considering I was just going for the day, and I also took baby Colton with me in a sling.

While flying up there, I was the only passenger, and as we were landing, the pilot said something about it being my flight so I might as well watch the landing if I wanted to. So I was looking out the windshield when we landed at a rather high speed, and I was alarmed to note that I wasn't wearing my seatbelt as we plowed through the brick wall at the end of the runway, across the street and nose into the office building. Fortunately, despite all that, it was a pretty smooth landing, and I climbed out with all my stuff, got a handshake from the pilot, who apologized for the overshoot. I talked to him about whether or not he would get in more trouble if I talked to his employers about getting recompense for having such a bad experience with their airline, and he said he probably would but he could understand why I might do that. Then he tossed me a quarter, saying something along the lines of that maybe covering my financial worry; the implication was that it was an extra-valuable quarter for some reason.

So then I spent the rest of the day with Colton in the sling, trying to track down my brother in a warren of labs, and when it was time to fly home again (same pilot!) he decided he'd come with me. I also got all worried because I hadn't had Colton in a carseat on the flight up, and I knew that if she heard about the morning experience and then found out I didn't put him in a carseat for the flight back, dbangwould kill me. Turned out the quarter was worth quite a lot, and I sold a book based on the experience, and the flight back was smooth sailing (and landing). I'm not sure if Colton ended up in a carseat, though.

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