ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

This morning, I went out the front door and discovered we'd been delivered a tiny slip of paper revealing all the secret truths of the world:

When all of you enter this way of living, following us, being able to share everything with others, capable of working in this manner and of presenting your work to all with love, but all of you in this way, it will make a difference." --The cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades, Ptaah.

Integration with cosmic nations and return to a true nature of humankind.
Appeal to all people:
People, stop the destruction of the planet Earth and of yourself. Do not allow negative extraterrestrials, "saurians", to control you, stop being their puppets through their OUTER orderings! They preparing control body chips to you!

Become free being by INNER radiating LOVE, HARMONY, HUMILITY and the GOOD. Cosmic people of Light powers love you all and they help those, who are willing and able to accept this help. Sense!

Hundres and thousands of your future lives -- incarnations -- are in stake. It will be either in bodies of Cosmic people or in bodies of primitive natural nations of tribal societies. Familiarize with our messages, especially THE NEW REVELATION of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ivo A. Benda and Cosmic people of Light powers.

[I want to snark, but I'm afraid this text is too rich. Please, won't someone help me??]

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