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I have a lot of music that I don't listen to all that often, so a couple of months ago, I decided I should rectify this. So, I put my ipod on "songs" and pressed play, so I could listen to every piece of music I have loaded on it. This took about a month and a half or so of listening most work days and some evenings, and, of course, it's just the music I've gotten around to loading onto it in the first place, which is only some of what I own. (Due to my small computer, it's a process to manage my music collect digitally, and I'm quite lazy about it.)

Anyway, that was a fun project. I listened to a lot of stuff I haven't heard in a long time, much of which is good, and I'm bringing back into my regular playlist, or at least my consciousness, and some of which is bad, and which I will, eventually, get around to deleting from my ipod.

But! This brings me to a fun place: I'm thinking a lot about music! I like music, but I don't really know how to seek out new music without guidance. That's where you all come in. What music do you like that you think I might like? I'm tempted to tell you the sorts of things that I like, but I'm also curious to hear what you'd suggest without any prompting. So, I'm going to put a few things I like behind a cut, which you will see when you click to write a comment, but it may allow you to think of some things without bias before you click, if that strikes you as interesting.

Popular chick music:
Indigo Girls
Ani Difranco
Tori Amos
Sarah McLachlan
Joan Osborne

Stuff like the soundtracks from
O Brother, Where Art Thou?

New Agey?
Soundtracks from
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
The Whale Rider
Winged Migration

Nine Inch Nails

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and dance music. I know basically nothing about dance/techno, but there's something about it.

In general, I like music with interesting lyrics and music that makes me catch my breath, but I also like stuff that's more mellow. But, really, I'm pretty wide open to suggestions.
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