ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

silk pants!

Starting this Saturday, I'll be participating in a two week permaculture workshop with kcatalyst in Bolinas, CA. This involves, among other things, camping for two weeks, which is something that I normally only do when it involves hiking into the backcountry where I will then be able to gorge myself on fresh trout, just like a bear. This will be different, however, and it also involves... well, in truth, I don't know what it involves, really, because I haven't gone there, yet.

But whatever it is that we'll be doing, one of the things on the list for us to bring is "work pants". Now, I don't really wear pants, so much. I mean, I have pants for when I go skiing and the like, but I'm just not a pants person. So I went to Goodwill over the weekend to scope out some cheap pants or pants-like objects that I can use for a pantsy purpose for the next couple of weeks.

While there, I found a pair of gorgeous silk pants. Silk! Pants! So soft! I'm a sucker for silk, so, of course, I bought them. But there's only one problem: they're... pants. What was I thinking? I don't wear pants.

And on top of that, they're white. Which means they're basically transparent. Who wears transparent pants, anyway?

I suppose I'll just wear them around the house when I want to have silky silky on my legs instead of nothing nothing.
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