ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

food: cravings, cooking

Normally, when I crave food, it's generally fairly healthy: sushi, for example, is at the top of my list; I'm pretty much always happy to eat sushi, and actively wanting it about half the time. I also tend to get cravings for eggs, sometimes fruits, and, interestingly, textures as much as anything else.

Today, however, I'm craving junk food. What the...? How annoying.

In happy food news, though, it turns out that a cream sauce for pasta is incredibly easy to make. fennel and I winged one the other night, and despite neither of us having the slightest idea what we were doing, it was delicious. Half and half + goat cheese + blue cheese + a sprinkle of dried basil = yummy!
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