ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

AAAAaaugh! (Packing procrastination)

I'm among the worst packing procrastinators, ever. This is normally not too big a deal, but for this trip, slightly more so, given a somewhat unusual packing list. Well, I'll be done by the time I get on the plane, whether I have everything I need or not. And I suppose I can always buy in California things I forget here. They do sell things in CA, right?

As a heads up to all you all, though, about this trip: I'll be offline pretty much the whole time. If you need to reach me, my cell phone will be the way to go. I expect to keep it turned off most of the time, but I'll check TXT and voice messages daily (assuming I have signal, which I expect to do), during which time I'll also plan to return calls and messages, so I won't be totally out of contact. If you need desperately to reach me and it can't wait, get in touch with trom for the emergency contact information at the institute.

Also, just so you know, since I use my cell for work and for fun, my outgoing message will make it sound like I'm not checking messages at all. This is so any worky people who call me won't get the idea that their leaving a message with me will be at all useful.

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