ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Hey, look, I'm actually online!

I'm not going to respond to your various comments until I'm actually back in Boston (after Memorial Day), but it's fun to read them while I'm in the big city (San Francisco) this afternoon. Since all of my posts have been by phone, and I'm not enough of an addict/geek to have set up comments to come to my phone, I'm not seeing them during the week.

Do, however, feel free to ask questions, etc, and I'll answer them when I'm back online for real, and rest assured that pretty much every post I've sent is both for my and your entertainment as well as serving as placeholders for more contentful posts later on.

For now, though, let me send up a heartfelt thank-you to humanity for the invention of beds and controlled-temperature running water.

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