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What I'll do in the fall

Okay, so following on the heels of the so-far peak of the quarter-life crisis, I have a rough plan:

* August 31: Lease ends -- stuff will be in storage or backpack. Maybe bum around Boston for a week or so and...
* Sept 6 (ish) fly to wherever I'm going.
* Sept 8 - 19: Learn Spanish at some language programmy type thing
* Sept 22 - November: Do volunteer type work
* December: Travel
* Home for winter holidays of some variety

Now I just have to decide:

* What country?
* What language program?
* What volunteer program?


As to the first question, I'm kinda waffling between Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina, but I bet good arguments could be made for Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela... Argh! Decisions...

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