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Home again, home again, jiggedy jig

Wow, what a sucky night! Mort and Kcat finally sent me to bed (by going to bed themselves) around 11 when I cracked a huge yawn, since I needed to be up aroung 5 to catch my 7:30 flight. I feel like I didn't sleep at all, between the tossing and the turning and the tossing and the occassional pee break from the turning and the tossing. So I didn't need an alarm clock, and I got up a little early, and left a bit early, too, which turned out to be good because I needed to fill the rental car with gas, which I'd forgotten until getting behind the wheel, and I always have a hard time with non-obvious gas tank access panels. The other reason it was good I left early is that my flight turned out to be leaving at 7, not 7:30, so arriving at the airport after 6 was cutting it a TAD close for my taste. Unfortunately, the plane had mechanical problems, so I got bumped to a 9:00 flight, which means I could have stayed in bed longer, and possibly not tossed and turned if I had known I could sleep in to a more reasonable hour. *sigh*

The flight was totally uneventful, and now I'm home, trying to stay up a bit later so my sleep schedule isn't all wonky. If I sleep badly tonight, I'll be very very cranky.

The trip was fabulous. Mort and Kcat are, unsurprisingly, great hosts, but I wish I'd managed more weekend time, because I ended up seeing less of Mort than might have been optimal. Because of staying in MA on Friday, 2/7 so as to make it to Catya's bday party, I flew out on Saturday, which made Saturday kinda a non-day, and on the return, I like to have a day of at-home time before going back to work, and I failed to realize that I could have done that by flying Sunday this weekend, since Monday is a holiday, so I really only had Sunday, 2/9 as a weekend day on this trip, which wasn't enough. Lesson learned.

It was also great to see Catherine, who, I think, is very ready to be back on the east coast. Fun to see her play soccer, which I haven't done in a while, and meet her current crush-or-something. She becomes a Doctor at the end of summer, if all goes as planned, so maybe she'll get her wish. I'll be thrilled to have her closer, but I'll be sorry not to have a reason to visit Santa Cruz, which is gorgeous. We hit the Monterrey Aquarium, too, which has the coolest jelly(fish) exhibit, ever.

Mort and Kcat taught me to knit! Very exiting, and then Kcat and my new acquaintance darthsunshine and I went to the knitting store, where I got supplies for my first project! I'm being far out and doing *gasp* a scarf. :) And I helped them make a batch of soap, which looks yummy, so it was a good craft exchange.

I failed to coordinate to meet d3l1r1um while I was there, so I'll have to go back sometime, hopefully before Guatemala, so maybe Junish, depending on people's schedules. Next time, I'll plan more weekend and a little more in advance so as to coordinate with cousin Joanna, which didn't work out this trip. Gosh, by that time, young Seth will probably be walking! Whoa :)

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