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internet humor: the numa numa kid

About a year and a half ago, this video clip of a young guy lip synching to a Hungarian pop song made the rounds, much to my delight. This morning, a friend was looking for things to make him laugh, and I stumbled upon the numa numa dance again, and I find it's just as joyful to watch as it was the first time around.

I remembered reading, though, that the kid was embarrassed by his sudden internet (and other media) fame and was refusing interviews and the like. A little web searching found this article from the NYT on the subject. I have to say, it's an extremely ungenerous article, including this line, which is so vastly off the mark that I can't quite get over it: "Even in the bathroom mirror, Brolsma's performance could only be described as earnest but painful."

I think what I love about this video is that it's so earnest and unselfconscious that it's completely painless. I mean, I'm sure for this poor kid, once it became such a big thing, it was, and it probably would have been for me, too, because goodness knows I don't want a video of myself in my unrestrained moments showing up on the net, but when do we get to see people do this? It's so candid and human, and he's obviously having fun, and, really, who among us hasn't done this kind of thing?

I sure hope he isn't scarred from the experience, because if I ran into him on the street, I'd be so psyched. Unrestrained, unselfconscious music and dancing: what a great reason to be (in)famous! Seriously, I can't watch this video without starting to smile.
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