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Knitting (and other fiber arts)

I've been wanting to learn how to knit for years. It's really ridiculous that I haven't done so before now, since I have a whole slew of friends who do, and I've been hanging out with knitters for *thinks* going on 10 years, now.

Anyway, my scarf is coming along really nicely, and I'm totally thrilled about the yarn I ended up getting (blue-green alpaca -- really soft and snuggly, and not at all prickly. Mom, I know you don't believe me, but I tucked it into my sweater earlier and it's really nice, so you'll have to take my word for it.) I've had a few little mistakes, one of which involved adding stitches to the pattern somehow. Kcat tells me I was doing lace edging or something like that, so apparently I'm more advanced than I know! I've taken care of that problem and brought myself down to the right number of stitches per row, and the pattern seems to be making sense, and I have almost 5 inches of scarf, now! Whee!!

Kcat also showed me a bit about spinning, and I can definitely see getting into that. I'm trying to decide if I should take a class on using drop spindles or just go out and buy one for myself and futz around with learning it here, since I have the idea, and I saw Kcat use hers when she was showing me how to use a spinning wheel. I think I need to move to the wilderness so I have a place for all these things I like to do. Then I can raise alpaca, shear them, dye the wool, spin it, knit it, etc. And I'll have to have a soaping room, and a big country kitchen, and, and, and. Now, where did I put that winning lottery ticket?

I think I'm feeling better after a mellow day. More of the same tomorrow, plus dinner and massage (yay!) with mzkero. Then back to work on Tuesday. Boy, am I glad I'm going to Guatemala in the fall! It makes work feel a lot more manageable.

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