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Craft and social day: Saturday, 3/22

I've finally learned to knit, so I'm inspired to host a crafty social day at my apartment in Brookline on Saturday, March 22. I'll be here all day, and people are welcome to arrive any time starting in the early afternoon.

Dinnery stuff will be provided or ordered, depending on who's here and what we want to eat. You should bring your craft supplies, because, since I've just started down the knitting path, I only have supplies for my current project. I expect there to be people willing and able to teach crafts to people who don't have any of their own, too :)

You're welcome to come even if you're not crafty (yet).

Kids are welcome but the apartment is not childproofed and won't be.

People who can teach the host (me :) how to spin with a drop spindle get treated to sushi on a later date.

Bring friends!

Please RSVP; I'll post a reminder closer to the date, too.

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