ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Social: Durian tasting

D'oh! I decided a while ago to have the durian tasting party this Sunday, but I forgot to tell anyone about it! Oops.

So! This Sunday, July 9, starting around, oh, let's say 4PM, and going until 9 or 10, I invite you to join me in tasting durian.

I'm only going to buy one durian, because, well, I'm not thinking more will be necessary, and I will have other food, too, some of it strange, but much of it less challenging. At least some of it will be cooked on the grill.

You do not have to try durian to come to this party, but you will have to be near durian.

Feel free to bring food or drink to share if you're so inclined, or if you're picky and think I won't have something you want to eat/drink.

As always, please, please let me know if you plan to come, so I know, roughly, how much of what to prepare.
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