ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Spiders are better than ladybugs

Don't follow the cut if you don't want to read about possibly squeamish experiences with spiders. Otherwise,

Last night, I walked through a couple of very light spiderwebs on the way from my bedroom door to my bed. This is unusual, because I walk there several times a day, which makes that path a very bad place for a spider to spin a web. I figured what I was feeling was a stray cat hair brushing my face and forgot about it. Until...

I got into bed and noticed a large, moving shadow, cast in the light of my bedside lamp. I followed it to a tiny spider that was spinning a web off the lamp. Right next to it was a second tiny spider. I like spiders, and I usually try to deposit them somewhere interesting, so I grabbed them by their cords and took them to my tomato plants on the back porch. Then, back to bed.

That's when I noticed another five of the same type of spider on a line of web from my bedside table to the basket of yarn next to it. I looked more closely and saw another line with several tiny spiders leading from the table to the standing fan in the middle of the room. On the fan, there were 10 or so more of the same tiny spiders.

It is disconcerting to conclude that a spider's egg sack has hatched in one's bedroom.

I caught up the spiders that were on lines and carried them outside, feeling a bit like I was practicing magic, since no one who came across me at that moment would have known what I was doing, holding my arm up and moving backwards slowly through the kitchen, staring intently at something they probably wouldn't see right away. After depositing those on my tomato plants, I carried my fan to the back porch, and then some dresses where several spiders seemed to be hanging out.

Then I got back into bed and instead of only one spider casting a shadow onto my sheets, there were three. At this point, I decided they were going to have to duke it out for the small territory that is my bedroom, because what am I? The pied piper of spiders?

Still, that's better than a ladybug infestation.

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