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by Judyth Hill

Wage peace with your breath.
Breathe in firemen and rubble, breathe out whole
buildings and
flocks of red
wing blackbirds. Breathe in terrorists and breathe
sleeping children and
freshly mown fields.
Breathe in confusion and breathe out
maple trees.
Breathe in the fallen and breathe out lifelong
friendships intact.
Wage peace with your listening: hearing
sirens, pray
Remember your tools: flower seeds, clothes
pins, clean
Make soup.
Play music, learn the word for thank you in
Learn to knit, and make a hat.
Think of chaos as dancing
raspberries, imagine grief as the outbreath of
beauty or
the gesture of
Swim for the other side.
Wage peace.
Never has the world seemed so fresh and
Have a cup of tea and rejoice.
Act as if armistice has already
Don't wait another minute.
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