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Another weekend up in Maine, and once again, the weather was grey and wet, but good for being crafty inside! razil and I went to a spinning/knitting/other fiberarts event in Portland, and we both ended up getting drop spindles and wool to spin, and yarn, and needles, and, and, and. It was really fun! All the folks at the event were super nice, and they were all eager to chat, and to teach us whatever they could, so I learned the basics of drop spindling! I seem to do okay with the wool roving I got, although sometimes it kinda falls apart and I don't really understand why, but I also got some top, and I'm finding that much more difficult to spin (which is what one of the wool-sellers told me to expect, so I shouldn't be surprised).

I also made the mistake of getting new, exciting yarn for my next project, whatever it might be, and that makes it hard for me to focus on my current scarf, which I may have made too wide to get it as long as I might like, so the dilemma is whether to put it aside and come back to it at a later date, or finish it and be done with it, or use the two unused skeins for something else, and can I reuse the wool that's already knit into the scarf if I wanted to make a narrower one? *phew* Decisions, decisions.

Razil and I also made lip balm! 82 tubes of it, to be precise. Which means, actually, that we have 18 tubes left over, which is kinda silly, 'cause that would be a very tiny batch of lip balm. But, anyway, I now have enough lip balm to have in every pocket of ever garment I own, which is thrilling! And it's a nice vanilla-y lip balm. Fun :)

So, gosh, what new craft is next?

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