ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

DC is hot, but one of the benefits of work travel is, of course, the air conditioning.

I'm staying at the Hotel Madera in Dupont Circle, which is one of those trying-hard-to-be-hip places that's way better than a bland Hyatt, but is still just a hotel. Except for the front desk clerk, who was on such autopilot that he asked me twice how many keys I wanted, twice if I wanted help with my bag, twice if I needed anything else, and only once gave me some cheesy pick-up line involving deja-vu. I must admit I didn't catch the whole thing, but it was something about how I came at just the right time, and it must be deja vu... I don't know. Because I couldn't make sense of it, I just gave him my bland, polite smile, which most people understand to mean, "You're bothering me. Stop, now, please." That's when he started repeating himself.

But, really, you work at a hotel... isn't it poor form to hit on the guests?

On the other hand, the bathrobe in the room is leopard print. In general, I don't wear animal prints, but I had to put this one on, just 'cause.
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