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This was a day that Did Not Go As Planned.

It started out last night, actually, when penk pointed out that he wasn't going to work in the morning due to a dentist apointment more or less first thing. So that nixes the idea of riding in with him to the train and thence to work. Nuts. Maybe I'll take the C-Rail, but that makes for a hellishly long commute, and I'm tired from the weekend, etc, so this morning, I decide to take a sick day and take it easy, and I'll get a ride in after the dentist when Shayde goes to work. But when he got back to the house, he decided he'd be working from home. Hrm.

New plan: Shayde, Zach and I will drive to the Hawkes' for noodle night and catya will meet us there, and we've got all the car arranging sorted out, and etc. *phew*

BUT WAIT! It turns out that in a scheduling snafu of unknown origins, the Hawkes think noodles are tomorrow, while Catya and I think noodles are tonight. Since the Hawkes are hosting, their Tuesday trumps our Monday, even though there are two of us ;)

So, now, how to get me home? Ugh. Shayde will drive me in, with a stop at the music store, and maybe Zach will come with, and there are other logistical meanderings in there, as far as Catya getting home, etc.

If I'd known all this, I would have just left my extra stuff here at Homeport (I didn't want to train in 'cause I have a bunch of stuff from the weekend that would be hard to juggle on the train) and gone to work and made and early bedtime! Or gone into town and done my desperately needed laundry. Or something more than just kicking it around here today, which has been lovely, but not all that productive. *sigh*

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