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possible last-minute mustard tasting

With a bit of relief from the heat, our cat has decided that people are not The Worst Invention Ever and actually insisted on sitting on my lap this morning for the first time in at least a month.

I, too, am delighted to have a bit of a break, and I would celebrate by dancing naked on the back porch... except I'd get chilly. That, in itself, is reason to celebrate.

And speaking of celebrating! It turns out that tomorrow is National Mustard Day! Is it too late to call for my mustard tasting party? Tomorrow's no good, but I could host it on Sunday, but only if a) the people who were particularly excited about a mustard tasting can make it and b) that's enough time for everyone to find an interesting mustard or two to bring to the party. Comment here to help me decide! If this weekend doesn't work, maybe next weekend, which gives a slightly more reasonable lead-time.
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