ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
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name that name

I've been thinking a lot about my name recently, because several people have asked in the last three months or so how to pronounce it: "Rosa" or "Roza"? The answer is that both are correct. No, really, I don't care. I say it with a soft "s", but I didn't always, and most people say it more like it's a "z", and that's totally fine. On occasion, someone who doesn't know me well will use the more Spanish pronunciation, and I prickle because it seems like they're being overly familiar (unless I'm in Guatemala, naturally), but I figure if that's how I'm introducing myself, I'll have to get over it. However you're saying it is, no doubt, fine, and you should continue as you have begun. I actually like that different people say my name differently; it's kind of like having a personalized name from each person.

That said, you'd better know it's okay for you to call me a variation of my name that involves changing letters before you actually call me "Rose" or "Rosie".

If you call me "Rose" or "Rosie", you probably knew me before I was 5.
If you call me "Roser", you know me from high school or are KCD.
If you call me "Arora", you know me from my early years on IRC.
If you call me "Rosa", with a rolled "R" and a soft "s", you met me in Guatemala.
If you call me "Rosita", you're from Guatemala (or Mexico).
If you call me "Roar", you know me from more recent years on IRC.
If you call me "Rosa Leah", you don't know my real last name.
[ETA: If you call me "Wosa" or "Woza", you're one of my friends' kids, or have picked it up from one of them.
If you call me "Rosal", you work for an airline and don't know there's no space between the first name and middle initial on tickets.]

I feel like I'm forgetting some names or variants, but that's the majority of them, I think. Do any of you call me something else that I've forgotten?
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