ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

tomato love

When I was very little, my mom reports, I loved cherry tomatoes. But my first memory of cherry tomatoes is hating them; I didn't like the way they burst juicily in my mouth, and I especially didn't like the unpredictability of the bursting. It wasn't as bad as trying to pop a balloon, but it was similarly unpleasant.

This is funny to look back on, because I don't remember when I changed my mind about cherry tomatoes. I just know that I did, because they're one of my favorite snacks now. And especially now, when they're springing forth from the cherry tomato plant on my porch, and the ones here where I'm housesitting, and I can step out into the sunshine for a snack of sunshine on my skin and sunshine concentrated into sweet juiciness in my mouth.

What a great world.

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