ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

I had a pretty packed weekend, starting with hanging out with Hawkegirl on Friday for some fiberarts (my scarf is coming along! I'm almost done with the 3rd of 4 skeins) and keeping her and Aubrey company while she worked on her bathroom mosaic. I'm struck by how painstaking that kind of work is. I can see how fabulous it will be when it's done, but wow.

Then Friday night I had a Mosaic Commons meeting to go over the details and how to handle the meeting on Sunday. Then Saturday, I got to sleep in and then go to a Consensus workshop for MC. Saturday night at Homeport, was nice, other than Gabe's getting sick, and then, around 3AM, I got sick.

I hate throwing up, and the only redeeming feature to doing so is then feeling better. This is the first time in a long time where that didn't happen, and it made the whole experience that much worse. Throwing up was also accompanied by heavy-duty diarrhea -- not the uncontrollable kinds, but the extremely liquid variety, so I got the joyous decision of "Which end is so urgent that it gets to face the toilet first? And will the other end need a receptacle while that's happening?"

Four urgent trips to the bathroom in 4 hours made the last half of my night a lost less restful, and I pretty much got rid of everything in my system. Spent Sunday trying, gingerly, to rehydrate, and got a nap in, which helped, and I managed to survive (and facilitate, even!) the MC meeting Sunday afternoon. By the end of that, I was feeling a lot better, but stuck with liquids. Catya brought me a bowl of miso soup from Bamboo, and I had some instant miso, too, which really hit the spot.

Happily, I'm feeling nearly 100% this morning, and I'm back on solids (yay!) which is especially nice since I have dinner plans with Dbangtonight. I'm still feeling cautious about what I eat, but at least I can consider food :)

Some weekend!

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