ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Skopelos town

Skopelos (both the island and the town) is filled with cats. We've been adopted by one, who we've named Odysseus, or Ody. He helps himself to our house and sleeps in the closet if I leave it open, but he's very polite and doesn't sleep on the beds. He likes lamb and mashed potatoes but not eggplant. We've also been adopted by a little dog, who does like eggplant, and who will happily follow us to the ends of the island, except his owner picked him up on the way to the beach yesterday (much to our relief).

It's not uncommon to gather other four-legged followers when walking through town. Many animals are clearly connected to particular houses, but they like to go on adventures with passers by. Cats seem to be both owned and wild, but the wild ones are pretty friendly and sociable, too.

Baklava is, unsurprisingly, to die for here, and now that we're not eating meals on the waterfront, we've found some pretty good food, actually.

Mom and Dad, you guys would love it here. I had a vision this morning of just how you would settle into things in the house where we are. Coffee on the shaded patio in the morning; drinks on the open terrace in the evening once the sun mellows. Still, it's harder to get to than Mexico.

I wish I were more of a photographer. This is a place that can't be entirely conveyed by words, though those of you who see me soon after my return will get to hear me try.
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