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Vacations always zoom by, and this one is no exception; I can't believe it's already Thursday afternoon! We leave the island very early Saturday morning in order to arrive in Athens in time for our dinner reservations at 8:30. (Our other ferry/bus option wouldn't have gotten us to Athens until about 9.) The bright side of that equation is that we'll have another (non-jet-lagged) afternoon in Athens. The down side, of course, is that I'm unlikely to get to the beach before catching the ferry at 6:30.

Yesterday and today, Lisa and omegabeth took some adventures, while I've stayed a little closer to home and enjoyed the patio of our house, and the nearest beach, and sleeping in. Mmm, sleeping in. I'm attempting to stock up a bit before our long flight back Sunday.

I've found it interesting how much of what I've seen, both here on Skopelos and in Athens, have cued "developing country" for me. I'm trying to figure out why that is, exactly. In one case, I can pin it to whatever perfume was in the soap a woman was using to wash her steps, which was completely Guatemala for me, but otherwise, I haven't been able to pin it down.

One of the down sides of being in a tourist town is that most of the shopping is pretty bland. As always, I'm tempted by some beautiful wraps and scarves, but I've been able to resist thus far. There's a lot of mass-produced junk and Looney Toons characters feature prominently. On the other hand, we saw some driftwood art that was actually gorgeous and not at all tacky, which I never would have expected.

We're here in the first week after the high season has officially ended, and it's clear that the shops and such are accustomed to having more people. I've gathered that there's a big influx not only of tourists but of seasonal workers here, and by all accounts, in three weeks, the town will be essentially empty.

Like many warm climate cultures, things more or less shut down in the heat of the day here, and then pick up again later. Most bars don't really seem to get rolling until after 1AM. Because of the long climb to our house, it's hard to get motivated to go out after dinner, even if we're feeling perky, because eventually, we're bound to get tired and then we'll have to climb the stairs to our place. I'm not sure what our house's elevation is, but I'm guessing about 500 meters, so it's a bit of a hike, though I'm delighted to get to wander through neighborhoods to get to it, and we have a kickass view, as you would expect.
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