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Home again, home again, but no jiggidy jig

When last I posted, I was on Skopelos island in Greece, still in the midst of my vacation. A lot has happened since then, and I don't know quite where to start!

At this very moment, I'm having post-travel tired/blues, which isn't uncommon. After a big, eventful trip, getting home is both a relief and a disappointment, and shifting from the marked space of the vacation to the liminal state of travel and then into regular life can be jarring. This is not helped by jetlag, of course. But it is good to be home. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my very own bed.

I was actually, some of you may recall, supposed to arrive yesterday evening, but we ran into a bit of a travel snafu in Athens, where our flight was delayed for 3 or 4 hours, getting us into Paris after the last flight to Boston had already left. So, we got a free night in Paris! This would have been more exciting if some number of other conditions had been met, including, but not limited to:

- A nice hotel room. (Air France put us up for the night, of course, but it was the crappiest travel hotel you can imagine.)
- A hotel room in the city. (Of course, the hotel was next to the airport.)
- More than a few hours to hang out and wander around.
- On a day that's not a Sunday.
- When the cheese shop I know how to find is open.

All that said, we did take advantage of our unexpected night in Paris by taking the RER to Notre Dame and getting a tasty dinner of Vietnamese, walking around the cathedral, and eating ice cream. I felt all proud of myself to even know my way around just a little! I considered going back into town this morning before going to the airport, but since the round trip is almost $20, I decided I didn't need to visit the cheese shop that much.

All told, though, that makes for three days of pretty major travel in a row: Saturday, we got up at the ass crack of dawn (actually, I just didn't sleep that night, but that's a different story) to catch a ferry from the island to the mainland, and then bus to Athens for dinner at Varoulko (which will be a post in itself). Sunday, we had only a three hour flight from Athens to Paris, but it took 9 hours of logistics to get that done, between all the delays and lines and waiting and shuffling around while they tried to figure out what to do with us once we got to Paris. And then, of course, today. If I'd known, blah, blah, blah, I'd've stayed an extra night on the island, except that Varoulko was a really spectacular meal.

So, I'm tired, and travel-weary, but it's good to be back, and I have baklava, so it's not all bad. Also, my fantastic roommates left some fresh wasabi rolls in the fridge for me, so, actually, it's mostly good, and will be better after I sleep.

I'm slowly catching up on email and LJ. I will, as always, try to read everything, but if there's something you particularly want me to be sure to see, you should point me that way. Also, there are lots of you I'd like to see soon, but I leave Friday for my next trip, and what with yesterday's fumble, I've lost a day in my already-short week, so I will have to take a rain check for at least some of you.
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