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I'm a sicky (and not in the fun way)

Well. After having a norovirus LAST weekend, I came down with a sore throat this week. It started out pretty mild on Tuesday, got worse overnight, until I got up around 2 to eat something so I could take some ibuprofen and see if that would help me be able to get more sleep.

I did get more sleep, but over the course of Wednesday, it got worse. I checked my temperature, and it was normal, so when I called the clinic, the nurse told me to gargle and use throat lozenges and drink tea with honey and see how it went. When I looked at my throat, it was really red, with white spots, which I know are symptomatic of strep (which I've never had before!) but I didn't have a fever and my lymph nodes weren't huge, so I wasn't sure. I barely slept wednesday night, despite having taken pain pills, which, so far as I could tell, didn't make a dent.

So Thursday morning, I called my clinic again, and spoke with the nurse, explained I didn't have a fever but that my throat was worse today, not better, despite home treatment. She asked if I could come in at noon (it was 11:20), so I rushed to get ready and catch a bus -- made it to the clinic in approximately 42 minutes. Not too bad!

My doctor looked like James Earl Jones, but with an accent and sans The Voice. We chatted briefly, and he responded REALLY well when I commented that I hadn't slept well because of the pain the night before (appropriate concern, rather than brushing me off, which I'd worried about). When he looked in my throat, he had this great look on his face - imagine JEJ looking very concerned, pursed lips, shaking his head. That said to me, "yes! good for you for coming in!" It's always a push for me to go see the doctor -- I feel like it's my body and I should be able to deal, right? But after the wrist thing last spring, when penk FORCED me to go in, and it was totally the right thing to do, I'm trying to encourage myself in that direction.

Dr. Carty said he thought it was strep, not mono (! Mono! I didn't sign up for that as an option! Way to make strep sound like the preferred option.) but that they've done studies on doctors' ability to tell these things and found that they can't REALLY tell, so he did a swab and gave me a penicillin script with instructions to take the full course, even if the culture came back negative, 'cause apparently some kinds of strep don't culture up? I'm not sure, but the culture wouldn't come back until Saturday, so off I went to get it filled.

I managed three doses (4 a day) of penicillin on Thursday, and by Thursday night, my throat was still really sore, but not with the acute pain of earlier, so I managed to sleep like the nearly-dead, since I was so pooped from the night before. I've been improving steadily, and as of yesterday, when I had a really lovely lunch with ghislaine, I can enjoy food again! At my worst, my throat was so sore and my mouth in weird health, that food didn't taste particularly good, and mosly just aggravated my throat. I assumed the culture would come back positive for strep, since the penicillin was obviously helping, and when I called in Saturday, that was the case.

So now I've had strep, and I get to look out for the fun side effects of antibiotics, which I haven't taken in at least a decade. Anyone have anti-yeast advice other than yogurt and acidophilus?

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