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Not working

Well, my motivation to get anything done at work this week is totally and completely lacking. Not surprising, since what I really want to be doing is moving boxes into the new place! We're confirmed for move-in tomorrow, so at least that's settled!

I spent all day yesterday figuring out a recipe for the next batch of soap I want to make, so, now, of course, I want to do it! I did order all the ingredients and have them sent to hawkegirl's house, so that's something. And she, Liz and I have a date for October 19 to do that batch, and maybe another. Hawkegirl was talking about making a bug repellant soap for her new horse.

My plan is for a batch of honey sesame soap: 5% each beeswax and avocado oil, 10% each of macadamia and castor oils, 20% cocoa butter, and 25% each palm and sesame oils. Plus a bit of evening primrose oil and honey at trace. I'm a little concerned that using so much castor oil will cause the batch to be really soft, but the beeswax and cocoa butter should help with that. Hawkegirl said that beeswax can make the soap feel a little filmy, and I'm hoping that won't be a problem, since it's a pretty small amount. I might take it out and use some salt instead, which she says will help make it hard, but I like the idea of beeswax in my honey soap :)

Anyway, now I want to be soaping while someone else moves all my stuff. I certainly don't want to be at work. *sigh*
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