ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Twilight Covening, take 2

Posts with actual emotional content will follow, eventually. This is a purely superficial post about Twilight Covening:

Favorite parts:

* Opening and closing circles: I loved the Spiral Dances. Loved them.
* Releasing fire: I had a glimpse of something profoundly powerful here, though just a glimpse. I look forward to finding a way to explore this more fully.
* Clan work, specifically sensedep lunch (taking turns feeding a blindfolded, earplugged partner) and the blindfolded dance. The dance was far and away the most profound and moving part of the weekend for me.
* Gazing.
* Broadly challenging myself and my belief system, and finding it both supported and undermined in interesting ways.

Least favorite parts:

* Passing energy balls: Not only do I not "feel" them, but I don't get why this exercise would be interesting, in general.


* I'm extremely glad to have had the companionship of several people I knew, but to have had no one I knew in my clan with me.

Most disappointing:

* I was completely wiped out after the blindfolded dancing, which led to my falling asleep and missing all of the Saturday night rituals. On the bright side, I did not have a cold for the Sunday ritual, which made sleeping 12 hours Saturday worthwhile.
Tags: twilight, wifty

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