ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Two-word meme #2

This one was fun, too.

1. Yourself:
secretly shy

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (husband/wife):
hate labels!

3. Your hair:
crazy making

4. Your mother:
creative, adaptable

5. Your father:
adventurous, solid

6. Your favorite item:
so many!

7. Your dream last night:
rather anxious

8. Your favorite drink:
red wine

9. Your dream car:
pollution free

10. The room you are in:
living room

11. Your ex:
which one?

12. Your fear:
stagnation, pointlessness

13. Where you want to be in 10 years:
somewhere good

14. Who you hung out with last night:
my folks!

15. What you're not:
oh please

16. Your best friend:
a blessing

17. One of your wish list items:
teleportational device

18. The last thing you did:
toast marshmallows

19. What you are wearing:
scarf, clothes

20. Your favorite weather:
almost any

21. Your favorite book:
ha ha

22. The last thing you ate:
toasted marshmallow!

23. Your life:
truly kickass

24. Your mood:
tired, quiet

25. Your body:
pretty awesome

26. What are you thinking about right now:
my friends

27. Your crush:
super cute

28. What are you doing at the moment:
warming up

29. Your fall schedule:
aaargh busy
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