ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

For the last year and a half, I've been renting a car approximately weekly from Enterprise at the Davis Square office, which is a very short walk from my house. It's been awesome. They're super nice to me, are willing to cut me deals when it comes up, and, generally, do a good job of making me feel like a valued and appreciated customer. Sadly, this office is closing, and none of their other offices are nearly as conveniently located. Yes, they'll pick me up, but, really, that's not nearly as great as being able to walk to and from. The Medford office is the nearest to me, but I'm out of their "region", so they won't pick me up. The other Somerville office is basically in the opposite direction of where I go in the morning on the days I'm in the office. So, none of my new options are as perfect.

I may end up trying Hertz, which has an office near me, but their rates aren't as good, unless I can get them to match the discount Enterprise has given me.

But none of that is the point here. The point is that I dropped off my last car from the Davis office today, and Erin, who will be moving to the other Somerville office, basically bent over backwards to try to keep me as a customer. She's willing to pick me up early, give me free overnights, drive me places in her personal car, in order to keep me. This makes me feel a) appreciated and b) willing to put up with some inconvenience in order to stick with them.

Yes, customer service works.

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