ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

wine and closets

After cancelling my date with penk last night, hawkegirl talked me into coming to her house and learn how to make wine! And since I was planning to be at her house today for her to work on her bathroom mosaic, I slept in her closet (where she has a bed! why else would I sleep there? :) and hung out at the Hawkes' house today.

We had a really nice talk about a whole lot of things, one of which was my recent pondering about how self-image can be so far off from others' perception of the person. When I hear people talk about themselves in a way that seems to be far off how I see them, it makes me wonder in what places I do that. And then I wonder if I'd really want to know! Interesting to think about.

Winemaking (and brewing in general), I worry, could be yet another addictive habit. Oy.

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