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Because one day of thanksgiving isn't enough (1 of 7)

Last year at this time, I was bubbling over with contentment, setting aside one very major frayed spot in the cord, and I was inspired to take the entire week of Thanksgiving to appreciate some of the many things I appreciate in my life and the world around me. I've decided to make it a tradition, so I'll be doing it again this year. As I did last year, I invite anyone who feels so moved to join me, either in comments or in posts of your own.

I haven't looked back at what I wrote last year, and I expect I'll repeat a few things, but there are enough things to give thanks for in my life that I hope a few that I haven't already said will bubble up to the top. And that combination leads nicely into my first item of thanks:

I'm thankful for newness. In the last year, I've created new relationships, been to new places, done new things. Not all of the new things, individually, are good, but most of them are, and the freshening of my perspective they bring is all good. I turned 30 in the summer, and this inspired me to make a list of things I've never done that I'd like to do in the next year (or so), and it's so exciting to have more things on the list than I can possibly do in the next year!

Simultaneously, though, I couldn't appreciate novelty and newness if it weren't for the fact that I have a great, stable foundation. There's a whole lot wrapped up in that -- good friends, great family, homey home, etc (and I'll come back to some of those later in the week, no doubt) -- but together, those elements add up to what feels to me like roots I've sunk deeply enough that I can go off on adventures, both internal and external, without losing myself.

I'm glad for the opportunity to bring new people into my life, to create new relationships with the people who are already here, and to find new interactions with groups as a whole. I'm grateful for the things I've learned this year, about permaculture, education, and myself (to name a few), and I constantly delight in the inspiration that, "I've never done X," brings me. I'm thankful for the unexpected directions from which newness approaches me when I least expect it, and I'm delighted by the unknown direction it steers me towards.

I'm thankful for the inifinity of unexplored waters and hopeful that my canoe will always enable me to venture out upon them.
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