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Wow! What a day!

I'm pooped, but I need to wind down a bit before I hit the sack. Crafty day was a big success, at least from my perspective. I had all of my usual pre-social worries of not having enough food, or drink, or what have you. I solved this problem with a pre-social trip to the store to stock up, and, while I think things would have been fine if I hadn't, people did eat and drink what I got, so I'm glad I did :)

Lots of people came, and lots of crafts were had, I got to show off my drop spindling (which involved a hell of a lot of dropping today. bummer.) and got lots of positive comments about my scarf -- I'm into the last skein! Pretty exciting.

I think people had a good time, and I hope to do it again in a month or two :)

At the end of the evening, I did a bit of wandering around with mew -- great to talk to her and catch up. I always have such a great time with her, and then comment on how I need to see her more, and then we go months without getting together. I hope I can manage not to do that this time!

And penk got me this new graphic for use here! Cool, eh?

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