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I discovered a great recipe for tasty multigrain bread when I was trying to find a bread to bake for thanksgiving dinner. I was very pleased with how it came out and was reminded how much I love baking bread.

But I have a problem. I don't eat much bread, only maybe 2-3 pieces a week most weeks if there's good bread in the house. This makes it hard to justify baking bread, even if I want to.

Perhaps you can be my solution! Can I bake you a loaf of bread? I'd like to play with this (and others) multigrain recipe a bit more, and I have a very solid sweet bread that I usually fill with butter, cinnamon and sugar. I'd also love to have an excuse to get a sourdough going again (though I may need to fly out to SF to get the good stuff), and, more generally, to try different types of bread, so if you have a kind of bread that you'd like me to make you (keeping in mind that I make no guarantees about quality if it's a trial type,) I'd be open to talking about that.

So? Bread?

The fine print:

I'm unlikely to want to go way out of my way to get your bread to you, so if you live in the suburbs, you will have to pick it up, and if you live far from Boston, I absolutely will not send it to you, but maybe you should come visit and get bread. If lots of people take me up on this, it will take me some time (weeks, possibly months) to get around to yours; if that doesn't suit you, feel free to pass. If it does actually take that long, I'll try to be sure to check with you to be sure that when I'm getting around to it isn't a week that you're out of town or something. I'm happy to do this for people I don't know well, but you may have to wait longer than people I do know well.

I'm also happy to trade bread for whatever you might like to trade for it. Well. Within reason :)
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