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adventures and grad school

A while back, during one of the rounds of the "ask me a question" meme, moominmolly asked me what it is that I like about adventures. Earlier this week, I rediscovered that entry and my answer:

I think what I like about adventure is the opportunity to experience new things, which tends to open up pieces of myself that may not be easy to access through other means. And those pieces of myself are bits that I like very much, so I feel like I'm a better person -- more complete, more content, more sympathetic and empathetic, more creative, to name a few -- and more truly who I want to be when I'm having adventures.

Gosh, yes. Reading this really made me go, "Yeah! EXACTLY! And, wait, why am I not doing this more these days?" I sense that I've discovered at least one source of my current discontent. While comfort is appealing, I can't let it be the only thing, and I could use more adventure.

Therefore (and for other reasons that I may discuss at some pont), I'm applying to a couple of graduate programs: the Master's in Public Policy program at Tufts and the MA in Dispute Resolution at UMass Boston. I have no idea what the likelihood of my getting into either is, but at the very least, I feel like having something concrete to crystallize my thinking around will be extremely helpful, and that's worth the price of applying in and of itself.

I'm telling people about this both because I'm excited about it and because I sometimes lose momentum on this sort of thing, but having it out there can help me motivate to keep moving on my slow days.

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