ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

Despite joking a lot about not knowing anything about sports, I actually know enough about football to follow a game with interest if I'm with people who care enough to get me to buy into a game. So when my uncle asked me on the phone this morning if I thought the Pats would play a running game or lean on their defense for tonight's game, it took me about five seconds to be able to respond, but I think I came up with a reasonable and sensible retort.

Then, I talked to fraterrisus, who gave me enough specific information about the two teams that I had actual knowledge about why this game was interesting. Then, I went to a party where I was able to drive people from the room by talking about sports! Not that I desire to drive people from the room, but I did get a kick out of being able to speak intelligently about something that no one expects me to know anything about.

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