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new things: feast of lights

So. Here I am, at Feast of Lights, yet another pagan gathering to tuck under my belt of "Okay, I'll try something wifty and see what I can get out of it." If nothing else, I had an excellent, wide-ranging discussion with redjo on the drive out and really great sushi for dinner, so if nothing else good happens all weekend (unlikely), I'm still in good shape.

One of the first people I saw was someone I knew from Twilight, which was kind of amusing, since I know so few people here. (desiringsubject, Swan Daniel says hi!)

My conversation with Jo on the drive covered several major points that are introspecty/thinky posts in the making, and I'm just waiting for them to mature and for me to have the time to sit down and write them.

In other news, last night I dreamed that I was waiting to board a plane in JH when some jerk flew a jet into the side of "my" plane, WTC-style. My plane was, mysteriously, inside, and those of us waiting to board were stunned, but not too stunned for me to whip out my phone and try to take a picture to post to lj. I think it's possible I'm too attached to lj. But the most relevant part of the dream is that I was furious about the loss of my suitcase, in part because I couldn't remember what was in it. I wonder what was in it??
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