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From The Way of the Warrior

Element - Adversary/Ally
Air - Reason/Cunning
Fire - Pride/Will
Water - Indolence/Detachment
Earth - Attachment/Integrity

This was an interesting talk, discussing the balance between the search for ecstasy and the avoidance of fear, in life and in personal work. Obviously, this is a topic close to my heart, and there was a lot of good stuff here, which I'm mulling over. I'm probably relatively unlikely to go into more detail here, but you never know.

Two of the other workshops I attended were movement-based, and one was singing. Re: singing: I would like very much to get back to this. I haven't been doing much singing since my excellent voice instructor moved to Austin last April (!!!), but I'd like very much to pick it up again soon (in all my free time.)

One of the movement workshops -- sacred circle dance -- was more of a teaser than anything else. The leader kept getting confused about what she was telling us to do and what we were actually doing, so what could have been a sweet, mildly trancy morning dance was mostly nice while also confusing. Since she kept mixing up how many counts of what step we were doing, I couldn't just relax into the movement and let my body do the counting/flowing, which is too bad, but, hey, it was dance, so I liked it, anyway.

The second movement workshop -- spirit dance -- was much more successfully meditative and trancey. This shouldn't come as news to me, though I've only just now focused on it, but movement, particularly dance, is an excellent door into trance for me. In this workshop, we did several exercises, each 10-15 minutes, and each felt more like a taste than a full exploration, but even at that, I came out of this workshop lightheaded and drifty. The most surprising exercise we did had a Japanese name that I can't remember, which she loosely translated as "becoming the wave." It involved working with a partner, which I normally resist doing, especially with strangers, but it was surprisingly powerful and moving. I don't think I can explain it, but I could show it at some point to folks who are interested.

I know I love dance, and I've known that for a long time, so it shouldn't be surprising that it's a powerful medium for me, but I haven't particularly been thinking about it as a mode to altered experiences until just this weekend, which has brought it into relief. At Twilight, I was chalking a lot of the power of my experience up to the blindfolded aspect of the dance, but, while clearly important, that's obviously not the only thing going on for me. Okay, cool to know. Now, to do more with that, particularly when alone, when I rarely think about dancing.
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