ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

San Juan is out there somewhere

As is usual for business travel, being here isn't, for the most part, like being here so much as like being in a hotel somewhere. The hotel is under construction, and there are a number of niggly problems with it, most particularly the fact that for the first couple of days, my keycards mostly didn't work, which led to a lot of time going back and forth from the front desk, much to my frustration, since meeting days are usually tightly scheduled and losting half of my free time in a given span makes me cranky.

On the bright side, I discovered last night that the hotel has a sauna! Now, if all of the meetings were outside in the beautiful 85 degree weather, this would be less exciting, but since we're in a 60 degree ballroom, the thought of a sauna this afternoon is utterly delightful.

I'm looking forward to the meeting being done (though that's premature, since we've got sessions all day today and all morning tomorrow) so I can actually be here. Then, I'll have a froofy drink on the beach and quit my bitching.
Tags: travel, work

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